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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  January 9, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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much happening and we do get some rain to the north. for us it will be mostly cloudy partly cloudy day. we have measurable amounts of drizzle and a half moon bay picked up a point. friday looks warmer than one more an and originally it might do something, something north and after that, next week looks warm. morning low clouds, some higher clouds, a lot of upper 60s, nothing we didn't see yesterday, here is sal. we are looking at a commute that still looks good around the bay area, this is a look at the east shore freeway, traffic is moving well and it looks like they are picking up the roadwork and it is not causing a major traffic jam.
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bay bridge traffic is light. the entire freeway looks good all the way out to 238, let's go back to the desk. firefighters have put out an early morning house fire. alex savage is on the scene where firefighters are looking into the cause of this, alex? they are trying to make sure this fire is all the way out. smoke is still coming from the front of this home here on san jose and what they are trying to do is make sure all of the hot spots are out, it is an older home, one in the front and one in the back so firefighters are making sure there are not any hot spots up in that addict area. one thing what is preventing this fire from spreading to any other fires, that place has a
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wood shaped roof and some flames jumping over and the food news, it broke out just after 2:00 at this home on south 17th street near san antonio. the husband and wife were already in the back yard when the first crews to the here. they apparently woke up thanks to their smoke detecter. the fire broke out and quickly spread through the walls up into the addict. the house could pose challenges for firefighters. >> there is a lot of wood in the anterior of the home and there is a lot of hot spots and crews are working really hard to pull some of that wood to get some inside the home.
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>> firefighters say there is no clearer cause for the fire and an arson investigators has been called to the scene and they did not want to indicate there was anything suspicious about this fire. it is still an active scene and firefighters will remain active and live this morning in san jose, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. meantime, a house in santa cruz county has been destroyed by an early morning fire. the flames were first reported at about 12:30. the fire quickly spread to a nearby home, but fire under control, about 145 and all six people living in the homes were able to get out safely and the cause of the fire is still under investigation.
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4:33 is the time. u.s. agriculture has suspended work because of an infest takes of cockroaches. they took the action after observing cockroaches inside the facility in livingsston. they hope to reopen soon once they are given clearance by the u.s.a. d.a. >> i eat chicken. .. >> the livingston plan is one of three that was linked too a salmonella outbreak last year. now in a statement, food safety is pastor farm -- foster farm's highest pry yourty and the company took immediate action. a 63-year-old man with chronic health problems died at
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the end of the december and a 43-year-old man died on monday. neither person had a flu shot. neither is really affective. >> it will protect me 70% of the time as opposed to zero% of the time. >> -- zero percent of the time. >> too many americans die of influenza. >> they are seeing so many people with flew symptoms to take hair of so many patient. people stricken can retrieve it without being admitted. and now they are setting up
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another larger tent today. and the first bird flew, health officials say the first person who died was from beijing. it is usually contracted in asia. most people who have died have come into close contact with infected birds this. no cases have been reported here in the u.s. happening today, governor brown will unveil his state budget and he will unveil the spending map. they hope for it don't wiped out. the governor is also proposing 670 million in new healthcare spending for mental health, dental care and
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substance a pews. he also wants welfare checks with arraign any day fun -- a rainy day fun. the accident happen happened at 5:00. the bicyclist was at fault and was riding the wrong way on folsom when she was hit. the latest crash involving bicyclists and pedestrians in the city, one bicyclist was a block away last fall and also can redeem next week. >> i top they what kind much problems. >> police are reviewing surveillance video and the driver is cooperating and he is not expected to face any
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charges. taxi drivers are calling on drivers to cite drivers for not having proper insurance. -- insurance. theythe driver was not on a call at the time of the accident and they only cover people when they have affair. >> what if taxis were only insureds chen they have a passenger. >> the police commission never need to be decided. and at the crash, the parents of the girl who was run over and killed have filed a legal claim against the city of san francisco. the claim likely precedes a lawsuit. it accuses firefighters of knowingly putting her in harm's
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way and also they should not hit victims at a disaster scene. a worker suffered burns to the face in a third floor laboratory on veteran's boulevard and another worker has burns on their hands. i still done nope and it is the second accident to injured an employee and a worker is also seriously burned pie collecting waist back as well. they are taking responsibility from the school and that's the report and it says there have been years of complaints when the school handled maintenance and there have been complaints of hair loss and eye
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irritations and the tool had to be closed and we have more on why officers will no longer use tazers. andand restricting walter in the bay area district -- water in the bay area district. we will tell you about some areas that are already getting some slow traffic clouds are pick to figure, it looks like it is getting very warm out there, stay tuned.
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. welcome back, 443 is the time, the man that admitted he kidnapped a girl in antioch will return to court. he made his first court appearance and faces 6 felony
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counts including kidnapping. he postponed a formal arrangement to review the case. now in a jail house interview earlier this week he admitted to the abduction claiming it was quote, a plea for help. attorneys for one of several teenage boys in saratoga gay say her parents share some of the blame for her death. the san francisco chronicle reports, audrey pots parents failed to get help for the long standing emotional problems and she had problems with friends and took her life eight days after the party and words written on her body were shared with students at her school. and this is more on how -- there is more on how they will review policies and procedures
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at the california state university and california community colleges system. this comes after last year's racial bullying case at san jose state. four are accused of harassing their african-american roommate and they are facing, misdemeanor charges. and they have now been charged with battery, charles gutierrez was involved with a fight with three girls which was caught on cell phone video. she asked school administrators for help and the bullying continued and she fought back. >> that sends a message to bullies that you can bully individuals and adults will victimize the person you have been tormenting.
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>> july's sister has set up something to get them to drop the charges. members of staff apparently engaged in political pay back against a new jersey mayor. they linked top aides to a huge traffic mess in new jersey and two of the lanes were shut down for four days and the messages suggest karat i -- christie's aides want them for not supporting the reelection campaign. governor christie released a statement saying they misled him. this type of behavior is unacceptable and i will not tolerate it. people will be held responsible for their actions. former nba player dennis rodman is now apologizing about
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his outburst. while there rodman in an interview kenneth bay who has been held for more than a year may have done something to deserve his sentence for hard labor. he a poll freezed for his comments saying he had been drinking. the marin municipal district is the dryest year in county and they have launched their first ever campaign calling on people to cut back on their water usage. they are expanding urging people to reduce their water usage by that much every day. >> the number one message is to turn off the irrigation system and that should be the default. >> the -- default. the water district said if there is no rain by september
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1st, mandatory measures could go into effect. and the silicone auto show kicks off in san jose : the show featured hundreds of cars including hybrid and electric models. sales are prohibited and the event runs through sunday. thursday morning, let's check in with sal for a look at the commute. >> all right, we are doing well so far as we look at the commute, no major problems on interstate 880 in oakland and you can see traffic is moving along nicely. we had some roadwork around the bay area westbound traffic looks good coming into san francisco. if you are driving on the dumbarton bridge westbound bridge looks good to palo alto. >> did you see the game last night? >> yes, so close.
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>> some of the most questionable calls i have ever seen. >> i agree with you sir. >> we could have a little drizzle, we had a couple of measurable amounts yesterday and it does not amount to a hill of beans unless you are up towards towards crescent city. for us we just have a lot of cloud coverage 40s and 50s and in fact it is holding temperatures way up. 45 in ukiah which has a little bit of precipitation. ridge ever high pressure will build, one forecast model brings rain down to the north bay and one says no, it will probably stay to the north. back up and maybe 72 degrees by
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thursday. everybody is really close. cool to mild, temperatures are warming up on friday and then there is that system, clears out sunday and it looks warmer pamela. macy's is cutting jobs and closing stores. they plan on eliminating 25 jobs across the country and workers could be transferred to other locations. they are planning on shutting five stores but they are planning on adding 8 new stores in the near future. they will also continue to higher new stores for it's on line operations the mobile will partial -- t- mobile will pay early termination fees for
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those who leave sprint as much as $550 for up to five lines and this is part of their permanent plan to lock customers into long-term deals with its competitors. several restaurants are adding january deals in order to make you forget about your new year's diet resolution. this is for anybody who pays breakfast sandwich and they have spicy chipoltaty sandwiches with a $5 deal with include a $5 drink and ice treatment supplement ties. an update on the case of jahi mcmath what her family's attorney just announced about the condition of the 13-year- old girl. and workers at san francisco general hospital, the crimes happening during the day and after hours.
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. the department does not think the number of crimes is increasing but hospital manager is scheduled to meet for safety and security update. the attorney for jahi mcmath says the health of the girl is improving and now christopher dolan went on to say doctors are optimistic that jahi mcmath condition has stabilized from when she was taken from children's hospital. jahi mcmath is now getting the treatment she should have received a month ago and condition inserting a breathing tube and needing tube was success full. sanford blood bank is typically fuller around the holidays. they have less than half the
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ideal amount. >> i would say it is critical because we don't see an end to it any time soon and we keep -- if we keep getting cans lakes we will not be able to build our supply. >> they went out to 7 stanford hospitals. it says people can make an appointment or drop in to donate blood. >> let's get a look at what candle stick park may look like. on infrastructure, they have improved construct roll plans for the site. they include new development, parks and more than 1,500 new homes. 8 of which would be designated affordable new housing. they would also be rebuilt, plans include retail and housing development at the candle stick park site. also a programming reminder, we are just three
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days away from the carolina panthers, it airs this sunday followed by the sports coverage and kickoff is at 10:00, you can go to mark ibanez. they will have to wait for another shot of the hall of fame. they are been appointed and thomas is going to be inducted into the hall of fame. nobody involved in the steroid controversy made it. they are fish you will always see coming. take a look at the photos of these glow in the dark if i can. they are naturally glowing fish species. they have identified 180 varieties that can create their
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own light shows and it happens when an organize transmits blue lights and those like core rolls and not so new can generate light. san jose, a fire destroyed a more than 100-year-old home and and we will have more on how a couple escaped the flames. and we have more on the blast that killed five people. traffic on highway 4 is still a little bit slow as we come up to the holiday commute. we'll see what cloud will give way and we will have more on one system that may give some areas of rain, we will talk about it.
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. >> this home catches fire in san jose we will tell you how the homeowners made it out. and people are getting the
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flu shot, we will tell you about am two more deaths in the bay area. and foster farmels plant what was found inside and the company is fixing the problem. governor brown is about to relieve the new state budget, health and welfare, all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news . this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> the home was completely destroyed, firefighters are still on the scene trying to figure out exactly what happened. we will talk about the challenges they faced as we take you back out to the scene in just a moment. it is thursday january 9th, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. steve, should i look


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